Our women’s hunting clothes are designed to be durable, comfortable and functionable. We give a 5 year warranty on our hunting clothes. Our clothes are designed to endure the hunt, and it should be a great experience wearing it. 



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Our hunting clothes for women have a more modern fit than traditional hunting clothes. The clothes have a slimmer fit, so it would be easier to sneak around in the dense forest without making too much noise. The colors are dark, neutral and camouflage so you won’t be seen easily.

If you need visibility and safety, then our hunting clothes also come in a visible orange color, so you would be able to be seen by other hunters. We always recommend having an orange vest, so you can be visible when needed.  

In our collection of hunting clothes you would be able to find jackets, trousers, shirts, hunting 

fleece and vests. You can put together the exact hunting set that fits your hunt. If it’s mountain hunting you’re up for, then we have light, breathable and silent clothing.

If it’s cold and rainy, then you can find a set that is warm, windy and waterproof. So you can put all your focus on the hunt, instead of the comfort of your clothes.

If you have any questions or problems with finding the right hunting clothes/, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have fellow hunters there who are ready to help you find the right thing.