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ASLAK TEIT hunting trousers for hunting and outdoor from Northern Hunting

Perfect for: All-round hunting

The Aslak Teit hunting trousers are designed in a unique windproof and waterproof fabric. Its harmonious green colours have been carefully chosen for the design so as to complement the nuances of nature’s own colours. The Aslak Teit hunting trousers are light and silent, making them the superior choice for both post and sneak hunting. Together with the associated Aslak Hugin hunting jacket you have an extraordinary hunting set that exudes tastefulness, functionality and the ambition for a fantastically successful hunt! These trousers are normal in size.


Aslak Teit hunting trousers are light and silent


The ADDVENTEX 5.8 membrane

The ADDVENTEX 5.8 membrane resists 5000mm H20/m2/24h, and lets you breath 8000g H20/m2/24h. A perfect choice for both high activity and standing still.

45% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 20% Nylon

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